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As a part of finding copied stuff in Indian language cinemas, Cinemala.com is offering a contest for all readers. The contest is open for whole year 2011, starting from March 2011 onwards. Any person from any part of the world can take part in this competition. Please read further to know more about the contest.

What is “Cinemala” contest?

1. Suggest a cinemala  to us through the CONTEST FORM given on header portion.
What is a Cinemala? Cinemala is defined as a bunch of similarities that you can find between two cinemas. If you feel that an Indian language cinema that you saw, have some similarities with a film of another language or other country film, then report it and it is called as “Cinemala”. Or in other words, “Cinemala” is a review of “Cinema”
2. Find at least five similarities between two Cinema of different origin. State who illegally imitated the other.
3. Any person from any country can take part in this contest.
4. The reviews or “Cinemala” must be original. While finding similarities, please note that avoid cinemas that give credits or thanks to the “ORIGINAL ONE” i.e. legally copied stuff.
5. Cinemala competition opens from 1st March 2011 to 30th December 2011. The results will be announced on 31st December 2011.
6. The winner of the competition will be the best review, or best “Cinemala” reported to us using the CONTEST FORM. Deciding the winner will be based on the total number of reviews or “Cinemala” send to us for contest. The quality of review, votes by readers, and number of submissions to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook.
7. By participating the contest, you had to agree that the movie review or “Cinemala” you have submitted can be published by us in anywhere in the world through any media. All accepted movie reviews and “Cinemala” for the contest will be published in this blog as posts, with the contestant name. The readers will be given a chance to vote and submit each post in different social media networking sites.
8. Never try to insult or use abusive languages to describe similarities of cinemas. Focus on points only. Any abusive submission will be rejected.
9. The selection of good review or “Cinemala” will be done by a 10 member committee, of efficient veteran cinema professionals from different languages in India.
10. The decision of  the committee will be final.
11. The winner will receive 100 Dollars or equivalent currency of participant as prize in case of “Cinemala”. If a movie review of more than 200 words also included, then the Winner will be given a chance to write Screenplay for a Bollywood Mega Star Film, that is under discussion.

Requirements to participate:

1. Must follow cinemala.com by email and like our page in Facebook (Please note that we are not selling email or spam. Following us through Email is very important, because all our updates regarding the contest will be published as a post in this blog)
2. Participant must be able to receive the prize by Paypal or WesternUnion in case he/she wins the contest. Incase of accepting the offer to write screenplay for movie, then must be able to travel to Mumbai, India for further discussions(first time by his own cost).

Important Points:
Currently the prize is One hundred dollars and an offer to write screenplay. But, further sponsoring by companies and quality advertisers, it may go up to any level. In that case the winner had to pay the taxes wherever it subjected according to the law of residing country.
Any further queries, please feel free to ask us through the “Contact Us” form

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  1. I liked this and totally agree with you, thanks for sharing such good news.