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Do you wonder what I am going to write about? Its all about some awesome scenes with outstanding camera movements. I didn't include technically stuffed items like Terminator series, Transformer etc. Many movie lovers admit that these are wonderful scenes. If you have some more to suggest please comment here down under this post.


  • Fight Club - Capturing flying through walls, behind stove, etc. This is Fincher's first use of the CGI camera. ( CGI – Computer Generated Imagery in which directors gets greater control, and allows many effects to be shot more convincingly.
  • Crank - Jason's driving out the muscle car
  • Troy – The initial breach of the walls, where a camera looking downwards fly over the wall, following the troops running into the city.
  • The Untouchables - Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia were waiting in the Central train station
  • Pearl Harbour – The downward free-falling camera that tails the bomb that blows up the Arizona.
  • Schindlers List- Tragic scene of a boy being carried by German shoulders getting shot in the chest.
  • I, Robot – The final fight with Will Smith fighting the rebel robots.
  • The Matrix – bullet time, and many scenes.
  • Return of the Jedi - Speeder bike chase through the forest.
  • Battle of Endor – Tracking the Falcon and the X-wings
  • The Shining – long tracking shot of kid riding around hotel.
  • Boogie nights – introduction scenes
  • War of the worlds (2005) – car driving on the freeway dodging people and cars – camera moves around the car while driving and doesn't cut away.
  • Good bad and the ugly – last scenes
  • Lion King – Fight with scar
  • Bad Boys II where they are having a gun fight, and the camera is spinning around the room between the two actors
  • Old Boy - The fight scene in the corridor.
  • Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring – End fight with Borromire.
  • There Will be Blood – the scene where the oil rig catches fire.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum – Jason Bourne jumps through a window and the camera follows.
  • Laurence of Arabia – Camera angle is from a mountain top, and its looking down on all horses running in.

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