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One of my friend send me this video to be uploaded in my blog and youtube.This video shows how Santhosh Pandit attacking media person.At first I thought its funny, later, ya some stuff in it too.

Santhosh Pandit is an Indian actor, director, composer, lyricist, producer, costumer, record producer, editor, and special effects director who works in the Malayalam film industry, who came to fame with a self-produced film and album titled 'Krishnanum Radhayum'. The soundtrack of the film, which included a song titled 'Rathri Shubharathri', was released toYoutube in May 2011, and as of August 12, 2011 has gained close to 3,000,000 views. He became an overnight Youtube sensation, inspiring hundreds of parodies, and response videos. The main song in particular, has attracted attention due to its abject failure to entertain, which critics and laypeople remarked as 'the worst song in Malayalam'. Other videos such as professional interviews of the person, as well as an abusive telephone exchange by Pandit with young men, have garnered close to 500,000 views.

Other points of criticism about the videos include a sexist, and sexually abusive treatment of the main female lead, as well as amateur editing, and production qualities. The film in question is multilingual, having been shot in Tamil, Hindi, and English. It was scheduled to be released in the beginning of May, though it was shifted to August, and then later shifted indefinitely due to lack of takers. Pandit is also planning to produce other films namely, Kalidasan Kavithayezhuthukayanu (2011) and Jithu Bhai Enna Chocolate Bhai (2011) where he shall take on the same duties. He was recently cited as an example of viral media in emerging markets in a thesis submitted to Anna University. He has been called the Rebecca Black of Kerala, and comes in the recent line of harshly criticized vanity productions which have inundated the industry due to the decreasing production costs as a result of new technologies, some of which like the album 'Silsila' by singer Hariharan, also received similar criticism and fame.


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