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Actors For Indie Film Wanted in Tokyo

Actors are wanted for the below given roles in new project of world famous Yu Iwasaki - Director / Writer / Cinematographer / Editor / Producer. Yu is a film director and producer. He has worked for Shinya Tsukamoto in his film Tetsuo: The Bullet Man (2009) as an interpreter. A video dance that he directed, "nai-mono-gatari - Something Missing," was selected at the 7th DMJ International Video Dance Festival (2012).


- Middle-aged or old professional looking male
- Able to speak English in a professional business manner
Man in Black
- Young / middle-aged sharp looking male
Secret Agents
- Male or female
- Able to speak English with a strong accent of another language


Title: Human Error
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Arthouse
Runtime: 30 minutes
Location: Tokyo
Production: Late December 2011
Final delivery: February 2012


A rakugo story of a fox is told by a teenage performer on stage in parallel to the adventure of Yoko, a female spy, in Tokyo's old town. Just like the fox that gets trickled by men in the rakugo, Yoko faces unexpected troubles: her guides disappear one by one, and she gets chased by mysterious agents. While in escape, she meets a man and falls in love with him, and they dance in a fantasy. When she finally gets a mysterious silver attache case from a bad guy, her mission completes. But the cruel reality is about to begin with applause from the audience.
Maya Murofushi - YOKO
Maya is an actress and model. She has won Miss World Supermodel 2010 Grand Prix.

How to apply?

Email the following materials to: yuiwasaki@hotmail.co.jp
-Headshot and full shot
-Resume that includes your name, phone number, email address, the role that you want, your acting experience, etc.

Deadline: November 20, 2011

Applicants will be contacted on November 21 regarding audition schedule.


-Fee for transportation and food provided
-No performance fee for actors without professional acting experience. Negotiable for actors with professional acting experience.


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