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beautifulBeautiful is a South Indian Malayalam movie, directed by V. K. Prakash and written by Anoop Menon.The lead actors are Jayasurya, Anoop Menon and Meghana Raj . “Beautiful” narrates the friendship of a paraplegic and a musician. The film released on 2nd December 2011.

The writer of “Beautiful”, Anoop Menon stated in an interview that the film was inspired by a real life incident from his childhood.

IntouchablesBut we have observed that French Film, “Intouchables” have many similarities in the thread, plot and story base with “Beautiful”. This was a superhit in France, directed by Olivier Nakache and √Čric Toledano. The base story of “Intouchables” is developed by a true story discovered by these directors in a 2004 documentary film. The story is a friendship between Philippe, a rich quadriplegic and Driss, an unemployed young man. The film “Intouchables” was released in September 23, 2011, in Donostia-San Sebastian International Film Festival.

Readers may please let me know whether this observation is true or no.


Courtesy Posters : Theatrical Posters: www.wikipedia.org


The Arriflex D-20 is a digital motion picture camera introduced by Arri in November 2005. This camera, uses a single CMOS sensor the width of a Super 35 film gate aperture.

ARRIFLEX D-20 When used with current 35 mm PL mount motion picture lenses, this camera yields the same field of view and depth of field as Super 35 mm film motion picture cameras.



  • Uncertainty
  • The Bank Job
  • RocknRolla
  • The Andromeda Strain
  • Captain Abu Raed

The camera was discontinued in 2008 and the Arriflex D-21 was introduced.


CineAlta, from the house of Sony,  cameras record into HDCAM tapes, XDCAM Professional Discs or SxS flash memory cards. The frame rates of CineAlta, including 24fps but have a resolution of only up to 1920 by 1080 pixels. This can be used with a Miranda DVC 802 converter. Another specialty of this camera is that output SDI, DV and multiple HD outputs.sony hdw-f900r

CineAlta cameras include, F65, F35, SRW-9000PL, F23, HDW-F900R, HDC-F950, PDW-F350, PMW-F3, PMW-EX1R, PME-EX3 NPAC.


Movies Shot with CineAlta cameras

  • Avatar (2009)
  • Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)
  • Tron: Legacy (2010)
  • Sanctum (2011)
  • Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams (2002)
  • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (2003)
  • Public Enemies (2009)
  • Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)
  • The World (2004)
  • Zebraman (2004)
  • Sin City (2005)
  • Crank (2006)
  • Cloverfield (2008)
  • Rachel Getting Married (2008)
  • Yesterday Was a Lie (2008)
  • Tetro (2009)



pranayam review

This review send by Mr Kris: If you wish to publish your review on any film, forward it to us with or without your bio and facebook. Our email - cinemala.com@gmail.com


  • Directed by : Blessy
  • Produced by: P. K. Sajeev, Anne Sajeev
  • Written by: Blessy
  • Starring : Mohanlal, Jaya Prada, Anupam Kher, Anoop Menon
  • Music by : M. Jayachandran
  • Cinematography: Satheesh Kurup
  • Editing by: Raja Muhammed
  • Studio:  Fragnent Nature Film Creations
  • Released on : 31 August 2011
  • Show time : 150 minutes
  • Country : India
  • Language : Malayalam

Review of Malayalam Movie Pranayam:

Pranayam, a possible inspiration from Australian film, Innocence, portraying love between Achutha Menon, Mathews and Gracy at their old age. The film offers a new sensation as it handles the traces of love at old age.


Director Blessy has become a big failure in developing this thread to a memorable movie. Including many Flash Back scenes became yet another mood irritating  sequence as he did in his  previous movies such as, Bhramaram. Blessy must understand that, flashback scenes are not always necessary to establish the story. I would have avoided all the flash back scenes of Achutha Menon, from the movie itself. Remember, how the flash back scenes irritated the mood of the movie in Bhramaram and Thanmathra.

Next biggest failure of the movie is the immature casting. Achutha Menon is not perfectly presented by Anupam Kher. Anupam Kher is a great artist from North India. I analyze his acting as an expressive one and can never be fit to a role that requires minute acting. Nedumudi Venu or Balachandra Menon could be the right choice for that character.

Another blunder from Blessy : As I have mentioned before, the film “Innocence” focuses on the sensational side of love. Blessy tried the same with appealing scenes from Jayaprada. A bath scene, erotic moments between Mathews and Gracey had totally destroyed the heart touching mood of the movie. Viewers may not be interested to see erotic scenes by those who are in old age. A touch, a sweet kiss, mild hug can express all the feelings in the relations.

After beginning from Achutha Menon, director is in a big confusion to focus on Gracey and Mathews or on Achutha Menon. Concentrating on Gracey would have given a more better outcome. Gracey’s war to the situations was not effectively displayed. A  weak scripting resulted in this disaster.

Blessy, did a great job in creating beautiful songs. The songs and background score helped him to explode the feel of the movie to the viewers. Editing, done in a normal level, but appreciable. Cinematography is excellent, as in old Malayalam Movie “ Chemmeen”. Sea also became an important character in this movie, all credits goes to Cinematographer.

Acting by Mohanlal, Jayaprada, and Anoop Menon is slightly above average level. Mohanlal lost his minute acting due to the unwanted makeup that he carried in most scenes. A shaved head or a “fried” look after an operation,  would have been more better for him.

As the movie proceeds, viewers comes to a conclusion that any of the three character will die at the end of the movie. This feel gets rooted when Gracey gets a loving attitude from her son.

As viewers expected, the movie ends in a cemetery scene. The place of this movie is certainly above many other Indian movies released recently. Unfortunately, something missing somewhere…


pranayam Pranayam is a 2011 Malayalam romantic film written and directed by Blessy. The main story precipitates love between Mathews (Mohanlal), Grace (Jaya Prada) and Achutha Menon (Anupam Kher).

innocenceInnocence is a 2000 Australian Film directed and written by Paul Cox
casting Charles Tingwell, Julia Blake, Terry Harris etc. The film revolves around the love and life of Andreas (Tingwell), Claire (Blake) and John (Norris).

Readers may please view both and inform me whether this is right or wrong.


Movie cameras have camera lens, imager, image processing and video output as their major components.

arriflex d 21 digital camera

Camera Lens:digital camera lens

  Lenses are essential part of camera to adjust the output effects, or to provide special effects.

Types of lens:

Before going into the digital basics, lets see what are the major types of lens using in movie cameras

Macro or Close up lens: The lens that produces an image on the focal plane, used to image close-up very small subjects.

Zoom: A zoom lens helps to change the focal length within a shot or quickly between setups for shots. In professional cinematography, prime lens are often used due to the quality of the image when compared with Zoom lens.

Perspective Control Lens: These lens produces the feel of camera movement, which are often called as Shift lenses and tilt/shift lenses.

Swivel lenses : These lens rotate while attached to a camera body to give unique perspectives and camera angles.

Infrared lens : These lens produces special effects to some scenes by filtering colors.

Aerial Lens: These lens are used to shoot scenes well above the ground level. 

Imagers in Digital movie camera: 

The imager in a digital movie camera have a single or three semiconductor chips with light-sensitive cells (photocells). It transfers incident light into electric charge, and to create a color image, the incident light is split into its color components such as red, green, and blue during capture.

Image processing in Digital Camera:

The digital image processing chips will convert the raw data from the image sensor into a color-corrected image in a standard image file format.

Major techniques used in digital image processing include, pixelisation, linear filtering, principal components analysis, independent component analysis, hidden Markov models, anisotropic diffusion, partial differential equations, self-organizing maps, neural networks and wavelets.

We will describe about all these in our future lessons. So please subscribe our feed.